Democracy, to be or not to be?

With the emergence of humanism and its prosperity after the industrial revolution, Western decided to be the ruler of the earth instead of God himself and decide for himself how to manage his life. The most important manifestation of this issue appeared in democracy in 20th century. This means that with the formation of parliaments based on people’s votes, decisions were made about the administration of society and democracy was formed. On the surface, democracy is a kind of respect for the public vote, but there is a big problem with it, which is removal of God from human decisions.

In fact, democracy means whatever the crowd says, even if it is invalid.

Today, in the west, God the Creator is worshiped, the God who created the creations, but the God of Law is not worshiped which means that this God can no longer tell the modern man what to do and what not to do. Today, the only country in the world that is not governed like other countries and has solved this problem of democracy is Iran. In Iran, there is a parliament that is based on the people’s vote. But all its decisions and approvals go to guardian council, where there are religious scholars and they control that the parliament’s approval does not contradict the word of God. For this reason, laws such as homosexuality are never passed in Iran. At the same time, in Iran, the highest overseer of the general affairs of the country is the strongest religious scholar in Islam, namely, the Velayat Faqih (Imam Khamenei), that if the parliament does anything that is against God’s command, he will prevent it. In fact, in Iran, democracy is carried out under the supervision and command of God, and the line between the earth and the sky has not yet been severed. When you look at western democracies, for example in America or Russia, another country is attacked with the approval of Congress, but in Iran, because Islam is the rule, it does not allow the killing of innocent people and this country never attacks another country (of course, if needed, he will defend himself as he defended himself against Saddam). Western democracies can approve abortion, no need for marriage, etc. but this is not possible in a country where democracy is governed by divine laws. It seems that democracy means respecting the collective decision is good, but when it is under divine laws, the most modern and healthy type of government will definitely be formed.

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