Let’s one-minute talk

Usually, when a number of people die of natural or man-made disasters, people observe a minute of silence in their honor. If these victims have died as a result of human crimes, they are usually commemorated annually, and in that event, every one observes a minute of silence in memory of the victims. One of the most violent human crimes in recent years happened in Japan, and the United States dropped two atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For this reason, a ceremony is held every year in Japan to commemorate the victims of this disaster, and people from different parts of the world attend this ceremony and pay their respects to the victims. In order to pay respect, they usually keep silent for a minute in this ceremony, while it seems that it is better to speak for a minute in this ceremony in order to pay respect to the victims and prevent similar tragedies in the future. In fact, several important questions should be asked in this one minute. First, who or what country committed this crime? Second, did this country receive its punishment in international forums? Such questions can be asked in similar cases, for example, in memory of the victims of the Vietnam War, what country committed this crime? In memory of victims of Gaza, talk about the perpetrators for a minute and ask about their fate so that everyone knows which regime has committed these crimes. In memory of Iranian victims of the chemical bombs that were dropped by Saddam on the defenseless people of Iran, let’s talk for a minute and ask the German who provided theses chemical weapons to Saddam. I am asking all the people of the world to speak for a minute instead of a minute of silence.

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